Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sources, Sources, Sources!

With the power of technology, information can travel fast!  As your official Neighborhood Association, we value the information we provide to you because you expect to receive valid news and updates from creditable sources.  Recognized by Clark County, we're proud to be YOUR neighborhood association!

"Neighbors nationwide have come together to shape the areas in which they live. By forming neighborhood associations, citizens work in partnership with their local governments to maintain or enhance the livability of their communities.
Neighborhood associations usually form when a single issue unites people in a geographic area. Concerns range from crime to traffic to development issues. From there, most groups evolve and focus on the long-range overall health of the neighborhood." *Source: Clark County Public Information and Outreach
We are proud to partner with agencies and groups all over Clark County including Clark County, WA, Neighborhood Associations Council of Clark County (NACCC), Clark County Sheriff's Office, Vancouver Fire, CRESA 9-1-1, Evergreen Public Schools, and more.  We're pleased to partner with many others across Washington State, including WSDOT.  Pending approval this fall, we've submitted an application to become an official affiliate the nationwide organization Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA). 

Although utilizing technology is a means for information to reach you quickly, please exercise due diligence, certainly in regards to using social media.  Thank You!

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