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Membership is free and open to all residents, homeowners and managers of multiple-family dwellings. Profit and Non-Profit organizations welcome.  Becoming a member is easy, simply fill out this membership form. 


"Taking part, giving back, expect nothing in return" is what it means to volunteer. There are many ways to help in your neighborhood, regardless of age or ability.  Whether you would like to help once, now and then or regularly, we appreciate you!  Here's a few volunteer opportunities:
Each month, we'll spend a minimum of 4 hours at our neighborhood park.  We have formally adopted all of our developed parks within Heritage.  Volunteers of all ages and abilities are encouraged to join us for a park clean-up!  We perform a variety of tasks such as walking the park to see it's overall condition and to look for issues such as vandalism, graffiti and more.  We remove cigarette butts, litter, weeds and more.  We also rake the bark chips back under well-played areas like the swings and slides. In the fall, leaves need raking.  These are just a few examples of the tasks we do at a park, however, we do need volunteers to fill an equally important but less physical role, such as being at a table with our necessary paperwork, supplies, personal belongings, tools and refreshments.  


According to our agreement with Clark County's Public Works, we're committed to do a minimum of 3 clean-ups per year on each of our adopted roads (major roads within Sifton). Volunteers (especially those with First Aid/CPR training) are welcome to join us for a litter clean-up along one or more of our adopted roads:

  • NE 152nd AVE (from NE 99th ST to NE Ward Rd - co-adopted with Sifton NA)
In addition to working roadside, we do need volunteers to fill an equally important but less physical role, such as being at our meeting location to assist other volunteers with all necessary paperwork, handing out supplies, tools and refreshments.  


We have teamed up with the Sifton Neighborhood Association to adopt a section of SR-500.  By doing so, we'll have to means to assist with the removal of litter and graffiti in this well-travelled section of our neighborhoods  at least 4 times per year.  A portion of this section has been adopted and regularly patrolled for litter by the Giving Back Team at Open House Ministries.  We'll join their efforts and be able to help with graffiti as well.  We encourage those over 15 years of age to join us for our clean-ups throughout the year, even if it's just once.

In addition to working roadside, we do need volunteers to fill an equally important but less physical role, such as driving a vehicle located in front and back of our clean-up crew during the actual litter pick-ups and to shuttle volunteers along the clean-up site and to/from our meeting location.  We will likely need volunteers to also be at our meeting location before, during and after these clean-ups.

 Represent/Promote your neighborhood at an event/meeting 

This is a great way to connect with others in our community and to help others learn about their neighborhood.  Many are not aware that they live within an Association nor what it is and means.  Volunteers are needed to attend various events throughout the year on behalf of the Association. We provide all the necessary information, supplies and/or resources for each event/meeting.  Examples of these events are: Back-to-School Open Houses or Orientations, PTA/PTO meetings, Community Fair, Safety Fair, Walk & Knock Food Drive and more.  This role is best suited for adult volunteers with their own transportation.  To be a representative, simply e-mail us.


There are a number of duties and responsibilities involved to keep our Association running and contributing to it's success.  Members seeking a more involved role may choose to fill a leadership position.  All positions are volunteer.  Please note that "more involved" does not always equal "more time needed".  See the Executive Board & Committees tab for more information.