Thursday, March 19, 2015

New school calendar is available!

Planning your summer vacation or weekend getaways?  Evergreen School District has release a copy of next year's school calendar!  This is a basic edition, more will be added in the future but here's a glance at next year.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

C-Tran wants to hear from you!

C-tran is proposing changes and would like to invite you to attend an open house or provide feedback by taking a brief survey.  Written comment will be accepted through 12pm on April 14, 2015.  Thanks!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's time to vote!

Ballots are in the mail, did you already receive yours?  Help yourself to the many resources for the upcoming elections, here's a few to help you make an informed vote.  The Primary Election is August 5, 2014.

Clark County Elections Information
Voter's Pamphlet- August 5 Primary Election

-Clark County Sheriff Primary Q &A by on 5-15-14
-Q1 of 5
-Q2 of 5
-Q3 of 5
-Q4 of 5
-Q5 of 5
-Clark County Sheriff Candidates' Forum by NWCAVE on 5-22-14
-Clark County Video Chat with The Columbian on 6-13-14
-Clark County Sheriff Candidates' Forum by NAMI on 6-24-14
-Clark County PUD & Sheriff Candidates Forum by League of Women Voters on 7-9-14
-Legislative District Candidates' Forum by League of Women Voters on 7-10-14

CVTV's  Primary Videos Voters Guide

Monday, December 30, 2013

Cleaning Up, Clearing Out

Christmas Tree still up?  As many are cleaning up from the holidays or will be, here's more information for disposing of your tree.  If you'd prefer to recycle your tree into your own yard, try adding it in your compost pile or starting a new one.  Resources like "how to compost" by Columbia Springs can help you get started or maybe you'll learn something new for your existing pile.

Speaking of recycling, are you making a resolution to recycle more in the new year or just to make the most of the yucky weather by getting an early jump on the spring cleaning?  There is a free collection event on Saturday, January 4th.  Get rid of block foam or electronics, click here for more about the event.

Looking to get rid of something else?  Try the Recycling A-Z page. "The Clark County Green Neighbors program is a new and exciting way for you to learn about green events in your area and discover how you can live a more sustainable life." -Clark County Environmental Services

Friday, October 25, 2013

Serving Safe & Healthy Foods

Those summer get-togethers, bbq's and block parties will have to wait for next year because fall is here.  You know what that!  Get ready for those church potlucks, family gatherings and office holiday parties with these tips for serving safe and healthy foods at private community events. 

It's recommended that all food handlers get a food worker card to increase food safety at events.  Some events do require a license or permit.  For more information about food safety, including a link for food safety recalls, please visit the food page for Clark County Public Health